Saturday, March 15, 2014

Sub Adventures #13: 7th Grade Math in Washington Heights

I returned to the same school from Sub Adventures #2. Having spoken to a teacher from the school at Wednesday's charter school career fair, it was a great opportunity to continue to learn more about the school and to network.

Friday's adventure was for 7th grade math. The teacher left math packets for the students to complete. The students mostly behaved and were on-task, except for a couple of knuckleheads.

A normal day of subbing, so there's not much to say, but here are some gems I found near the teacher's desk.

Here's a great quote I found hanging on the wall near the teacher's desk. I was struck by the pure truth in the statement.

Here's a Quiet bell that I can see being very handy in the classroom. The teacher even had it personalized with her name on the top of the handle.
(For anyone looking to buy me a present: HINT HINT.)

I found this gem after a bit of bookshelf snooping. Tales from Shakespeare by Tina Parker, ten of Shakespeare's most popular plays re-told as stories for a middle school audience. Excellent resource for introducing students to Shakespeare. Get them hooked on the amazing stories, before they struggle with the language and depth of the plays.

For Sub Adventures #14 - 18, I'll be returning to the same school, but this time for a week-long high school physical education assignment. It'll be nice to go to the same school each day for a change. Being able to wear sweats and sneakers for a week is just the cherry on top. (I'll be sure to enjoy it while I can.)

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