Monday, March 17, 2014

Sub Adventures #14: High School Health in Washington Heights (Day 1)

Day one of the week-long physical education/health assignment was pretty run-of-the-mill. Nothing too exciting happened. An article about "The Skeletal System" was left for students to read and summarize.

During the first period, the students were mostly concerned with an upcoming three-day college trip for the Juniors, but most of them still completed their work.

Second period had only eight students who started an intense game of "Keep Away" with one student's snackage. I confiscated the snacks in the name of "safe keeping" and returned them to the student at the end of the period.

For third period, there wasn't a lesson left, so I found something in the Health textbook that I felt the students would find interesting and be willing to do: Write a dialogue between two teens in which one wants to get a tattoo and the other explains the health and social risks.

I also had to reallyreallyreallyreally use the potty during third period. The pressure on my bladder was maybe a six on the pain scale. It was the longest 52 minutes of my life.

Things Not Mentioned in Teacher School Disclaimer:

Strategic bathroom breaks are a necessary skill for the effective teacher. Have three morning classes in a row? You may want to hold off on finishing that 16oz coffee. 

The teacher left her computer turned on and logged in. Score! I was able to check my email and begin a draft of this post during my prep.

Public Announcement:

There is a new phenomenon in high schools of students writing their Instagram/Twitter handles on classroom whiteboards.

Until tomorrow's adventure,

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