Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sub Adventures #8: 7th Grade Health in the Bronx

Sorry for the late post! This Sub Adventure happened on Friday. After subbing, I was forced to take the baby sis to her school's Family Movie Night. (After much begging, pleading, and cajoling, I caved, despite my extreme exhaustion.)

On Friday, I received a call at 7am for an assignment at 8am. After quickly looking up the address, I decided to accept even though it meant only having 30 minutes to get ready. For a girl who usual takes an hour and a half, it was an incredibly stressful way to begin the day. Especially as the agency repeatedly called me to make sure I could make it on time. I could if you'd stop calling and let me brush my teeth! In the end , I managed to brush my teeth, face my wash, get dressed, pack my lunch, and leave my apartment in 30 minutes! Certainly an accomplishment, as far as I'm concerned.

Anyway, this assignment had me returning to the middle school from Sub Adventures #6. This time covering for a health teacher. I was faced with my first obstacle when the health teacher's lesson plans involved technology--technology that I as a sub could not have access to. I utilized the part of the lesson that didn't need technology and made it fill the period by increasing the level of discussion. It all worked out.

In between classes, I spent several hours putting stamps on the envelopes that I had helped label, stuff, and seal the last time I visited the school. I also met other School Professional employees. They were friendly and made stamping less tortuous. Though, I hope to not have to see another stamp any time soon.

On to Sub Adventure #9, 7th Grade Health at another middle school in the Bronx.

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