Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Sub Adventure #17: 7th Grade Math & 11th Grade English in the Bronx

As you can possibly deduce from the title of this post, today's adventure was a crazy one, putting me in both a middle school and high school.

Everything started perfectly enough with a shorter day schedule at a school where I had previous subbed. The first period, I was free. Things took a turn for the worst during second period. Apparently, the 7th graders were scheduled to go on a movie trip. However, the HS principal decided that they should go later in the day so as not to miss important classes. Unfortunately, none of the teachers (including the teacher I was subbing for) had plans. Add in the fact that I was subbing for a sub who didn't have a set curriculum in place, the students didn't have a math textbook, and many of them left their books at home thinking that they wouldn't need them, I was a little lost as to what to do. I did have a game planned (SNAKE), but I was unable to get the students' cooperation as they were already in the "triptriptrip" mind frame and there was no going back. I had to call for reinforcement who helped straighten everything out. This meant switching me with another sub in the high school. So, off I went to cover a high school English class. Thankfully, this teacher left very clear plans and there were no other issues.

Tomorrow, I'm off to start a four day assignment substituting for high school art at the same school from Sub Adventure #4.

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