Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Sub Adventures #10: 6th Grade Social Studies in Manhattan

Sub Adventure #10 marks my first Social Studies assignment!

This was an interesting assignment in a few ways. To begin with, I accepted the assignment before researching the school. After finding that the school has had 4 principals in two years, mistakenly hired a drug dealer (former or current, remained unclear) as a teacher, and a lot of complaints on the net, I felt quite nervous! I mean, if the admin is that screwed up, imagine the kids. However, I gritted my teeth and went with it. I reassured myself that it may not be so bad and told myself that I shouldn't be so presumptuous.

After spending the day, I realized the my imaginings were mostly unfounded. The school is on the third floor and with giant windows, the classrooms receive incredible lighting. The staff was incredibly friendly. The kids were a bit of a challenge, but nothing that I couldn't handle. 

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