Thursday, March 6, 2014

Sub Adventures #7: 9th Grade ELA in the Bronx

Today's adventure started with taking two buses and walking around an entire block unnecessarily because Google Maps steered me wrong--again. (Refer to Sub Adventure, 6th/7th grade science in Brooklyn.)

Walk northwest on H Street towards G Place, it said. Turn right onto G Street, it said. Turn right onto H Street, it sai--Wait. Wasn't I just on H Street? And this is actually F Street! As I could use the exercise, I decided to continue around the block to get back onto H Street, just to realize that the school had been directly across the street from the bus stop. If only I had looked up from my screen.

Entering the building, I was impressed by the new, sleek look of the school. It was extremely clean with great lighting. The principal greeted students with a handshake as they entered the building. I got a handshake as well before explaining that I was a substitute.

For the first period, I "babysat" for an art class whose teacher was running late. The students had a project and they spent the period working on that. The rest of the day, I covered two Rhetoric and Composition classes and three English I classes. The students were chatty as to be expected, but no major issues.

The school had a very comfortable atmosphere. Teachers had a shared office where all of their desks were held. Students had a hangout nook with couches and vending machines for when they have free periods or in between classes. On the door of each classroom was a sign showing what each teacher was currently reading with book covers. I love that!

This was a great assignment. I couldn't help thinking that I wouldn't mind working there as I could feel the strong sense of community between students, between teachers, and between students and teachers.

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