Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Sub Adventures #6: 6th Grade Math in the Bronx

Today, I substituted for two 6th grade math classes in the Bronx

There weren't any major issues with either class, except that for the first period, I thought I was teaching from 9:20 to 10:05 so I sped through the packet they were supposed to be working on. However, the receptionist made an error and I was actually teaching until 10:55. So, the students finished early and I didn't have anything for them. I let them chat amongst themselves; Big Mistake. They became too loud and an administrator had to come in and tell them to stay quiet.

I finished teaching at 12:00pm, since the teacher returned. This meant, that I spent the next FOUR hours folding fliers, and labeling, stuffing, and sealing envelopes. Lots and lots and lots of envelopes. I wanted to die of the tediousness of it all! Alas, I survived, barely.

That's all folks. Today's assignment wasn't too eventful.

Until next time!

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