Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Sub Adventures #11: 8-11th Grade Theatre in the Bronx

I got a call at 5am this morning for an assignment in the Bronx, covering for Theatre/Drama classes! The shortened day (ending at 2pm) was perfect as I am attending the NYC Charter School Career Fair tonight from 7pm-9pm, allowing for an afternoon nap. *fist pump*

First thing I noticed was how friendly and helpful the staff is. I've begun judging whether or not I can work at a school by how friendly and welcoming the staff is. My student teaching experience at Valhalla has ruined me for life. I want to be in a working environment where your co-workers are also your friends. Where when there is parent-teacher conferences, you and your co-workers sneak out for a special lunch to help you get through it. Where co-worker/friends ask how you're feeling and if they can help with anything.

As I've been planning to attend the Career Fair for a few weeks, I've been paying attention at my assignments and making a list of schools that I wouldn't mind working for (seeing as they'll most likely be at the fair and all). Well, today's school is one I can definitely find myself working at. Though, I am seeking middle school positions and this school is mostly high school, the school seems well-run and the students respectful.

About the day: there wasn't anything too exciting. The absent teacher left perfectly clear plans. The students were either working independently to revise a quiz (Theatre) or watching a film (Musical Theatre)--both activities where I merely needed to supervise and avoid casualties. Here's the result of me having nothing to do and the students being mostly behaved:
To deal with the pain of having to sit behind the desk . . . I doodled. Oh, the shame!
For the Musical Theatre classes, I was asked to show episodes two and three of Broadway: The American Musical, a PBS documentary. While I found it quite interesting, the students not so much. In the first class, where there were only three students because the 11th graders went for SAT prep, all three fell asleep!

Until Friday! (Taking a day off tomorrow to visit with childhood friends from out of town.)

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