Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Officially Certified!


I, Fatuma Hydara, am officially certified to teach English Language Arts, 
to grades 7 through 12 in the great state of New York.

Lesson: Four Types of Writing

After the Good vs. Bad Writing Lesson, I decided the review the four main types or reasons for writing.

I started students off with a Do Now asking them to list as many reasons as they could think of for why people write. After collecting student answers, I explained that a writer's reason for writing directly influences what type of writing he or she produces.

Next, a brief lecture on the four types of writing--narrative, descriptive, persuasive, and expository and whole-class practice identifying the four types.

Lastly, students began working on a student writing questionnaire that asked them to identify their writing strengths, weaknesses, interests, and more, which they would finish for homework.

I looked forward to using the answers provided on the questionnaires to tailor the rest of the writing seminar to student needs and interests.

Four Types of Writing Lesson:

Monday, January 27, 2014

Lesson: Good Writing versus Bad Writing

During my Fall 2013 student teaching experience, the first class that I was made responsible for was the Freshman Writing Seminar. This was a brand new course implemented at the high school in response to the previous year's exam scores. As such, my mentor teacher didn't have a curriculum for the course, making it easier for me to jump right in and take over.

After the "Beginning of the School Year/ Rules/ Getting to Know One Another" ritual, I took over and this was the first lesson that I taught.

Good Writing vs. Bad Writing Lesson:

Sunday, January 5, 2014

Planning to Read List

Below is a list of books related to the field of education that I am planning to or would like to read: