Saturday, March 22, 2014

Attending the 86th TCWRP Saturday Reunion

I first heard of the Columbia Teacher's College Reading and Writing Project Saturday Reunions from a fellow teacher-in-training's Facebook status. As she had posted from the Teachers College at the time, it'd been too late for me to have attended the Fall reunion, but that same day, I added the date of the Spring reunion into my calendar. In October/ November.

So, you could say I was really looking forward to today's event and all of the possible workshops. Yet, I contemplated not going because I was so exhausted from a full week of substitute teaching and the thought of waking up early on a Saturday made me question my sanity. However, I knew I would regret not going, so I got my butt up bright and early and off I went.

It was as amazing, actually even more so, than I had expected. I learned so much. More importantly, I came away with clear strategies and resources that I could use in a classroom as early as Monday (if I, you know, had my own classroom). #SmallDetails #Don'tSweatTheSmallStuff

I'm planning a three part blog post regarding the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project Saturday Reunion.

Part 2: New Strategies to Implement in Any Classroom
Part 3: Recommended Resources

Look for the above posts very soon. Any readers who were at the Reunion, please feel free to connect via commenting or email! 


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