Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sub Adventures #1: 6th and 7th Grade Science in Brooklyn (2/25/2014)

I don't know if I've mentioned yet, but I've started substitute teaching work with a temp agency in New York called School Professionals. Yesterday, I had my first assignment covering 6th and 7th grade science in Brooklyn.

I arrived super early, which was great thinking on my part, as I circled blocks a few times trying to find the school. After arriving, I introduced myself and waited until one of the principals came in.

My greatest fear went unrealized as the teacher left very clear plans. The day started with a bit of a hiccup as the teacher had sent the wrong Notebook file, but with the principal's help everything worked out.

One surprise was that I worked with a co-sub as each class in the school has two teachers. That was interesting. I felt as if I ended up pulling most of the weight, which I don't mind. I'll never say no to gaining more experience and learning new things.

The students weren't complete monsters, but they weren't very polite either. The 6th graders were sweet and mostly returned to task when I put my foot down a little. However, the 7th graders were quite rude. I ignored it when I felt it was appropriate as I could tell that they were a very confrontational group and I didn't want to get into it with them. Although, I made it very clear that their teachers had specific instructions and expectations for the amount of work to be completed.

After the school day was over, I realized I had a message from the agency. I returned the call to learn of a leave replacement for 8th grade English in Queen. Jackpot! However, by the time I came home, looked up directions, and talked to my parents about it, the assignment had already been accepted by someone else. Bummer!

Oh, and have I mentioned that I have a strong dislike for traveling to Brooklyn? For some reason, I always get lost! I was near York St. and the Manhattan Bridge. With the darn bridge dividing streets, navigating was difficult and I couldn't find the F-train station on my way home. Not to mention that Brooklyn blocks seem to be miles long. I ran into some tourists, who were just as lost as I was. I could see the F-train going by before entering a tunnel underground, but couldn't figure out where the subway entrance was. Google Maps was useless as it indicated that I was right on top of the station, but obviously I wasn't! And to make it worse, I'm that person who hates asking for directions. My solution? Wandering around, circling blocks, and turning random corners until the universe eventually guided me to where I needed to go. Seeing as I'm typing this up from home . . . I finally found that train station.

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