Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Sub Adventures #2: 6th Grade Science in Washington Heights

Once again, I was a sub for 6th grade science. This time, it was only a half day. As the school was located in Washington Heights, it was a much shorter commute for me.

The kids were pretty pleasant. A few of them did try to test me a little, but as soon as I informed them that I knew about "restitutions" and they could still serve detention the next day, they settled down. I appreciated the teacher's preparation of not only student work to complete, but seating charts and disciplinary system of the school. It was extremely helpful.

A great benefit of substitute teaching in general is the chance to visit different school and classrooms and receiving a quick glimpse of how they do things. It's an excellent way for an inexperienced teacher like myself to collect great ideas.

The teacher for today's assignment has a great classroom. It's well-organized and comfortable. I loved it so much that I might have crossed a line and snapped a few pics. There were a few great classroom ideas that I would love to potentially implement in my own future classroom.

My fave is this large pocket hanging organizer to store a month's worth of handouts/student work. I mean, how useful is that! It'll be a great way to plan/prepare work ahead of time as well as provide students with a place to find assignments from long ago.

The classroom has what's called a "Peace Corner." I'm assuming it's for disruptive students to be able to step away and calm down before returning to their seats and to work. I also got a kick out of the painted tree curtain to give the area the necessary peaceful feeling.

Lastly, the teacher writes the essential questions for a particular unit on a wall to remain up for the entirety of the unit. I think that's a great way to ensure students remain focused and continuously consider the essential questions.

I hope that I haven't breached any privacy with this post/pictures. I tried to make sure to capture the pictures in a way that wouldn't reveal the identity of either the teacher or any students. If I've missed something, please mention it in the comments.

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