Friday, December 6, 2013

WTH: Can I have some of your soda?

This is a new series (one I'd like to continue) to detail the strange, unusual, odd, and just plain weird happenings in the classroom.

For the past seven weeks, students (from my student teacher placement in the 8th grade) have been working steadily on a biographical research project. Today, they began creating podcasts about their chosen individuals (using Keynote). As students worked independently, I circled the classroom, checking in, keeping students on task, and answering any questions that arose.

About half way through the period, I hear another "Miss Hydara" from a male student. I turn around and the "Yes. What's up?" freezes on my lips.

He's holding my soda. My opened Sierra Mist, matching lime green bendy straw inserted, that had been sitting on my desk . . . in this student's hand. 

"Miss Hydara, can I have a sip of this?"

"What . . . " the heck? "No. Just . . . no. Put that down."

"I'm not going to drink from the straw. I'm just going to go like this," as he mimes tipping the can back into his mouth.

"No, just . . . no. No, no, no... you are crossing so many boundaries right now. Just put down the soda and get back to work."

I was absolutely perplexed and obviously not very articulate. I didn't know how to respond because his question broke what I thought was an extremely clear unwritten rule--you don't ask to share food or drinks with your teacher or any person you aren't totally, like, BFF's with, you just don't. Or is that just the germophobe in me?

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