Friday, December 20, 2013

Applying for Certification

It's happening people! I'm soon going to be a certified English Language Arts (7-12) teacher in New York State.

Maybe . . . I hope!

I can't seem to get a handle on the process. I wonder why it's so darn complication. I just want to teach. I want to help guide the youth of America to success without too much scarring (for both them and me). Is that too much to ask?

First, I created a TEACH account. That was the easy part. I completed the application process making the indications that my School of Education folks instructed me to do. Then, I waited because I'm the typical poor college student and didn't have the $150 at the moment to pay for certification and fingerprinting.

Once I received my next paycheck (the same day, actually), I logged back on and made payment. That's where problems arose. I wasn't able to PRINT the payment confirmation for the fingerprinting that needs to be mailed to Albany with your fingerprints. Oops! Not to mention that neither the TEACH nor the New York State Teaching Certification sites actually give you information on WHERE to get fingerprinted. And living in the Bronx, but student teaching in Westchester doesn't help because NYC has its own fingerprinting process. What this means is that fingerprints in the city aren't readily accessible by NYS and yet another form is required.

The biggest issue however is that I have YET to receive the fingerprinting cards that are necessary for me to actually get fingerprinted! I called the Fingerprinting Office in Albany on December 9th and asked where the heck my cards were (more politely of course) and I was told they would be mailed out next day. But I have STILL not received my cards!

The plan now is to call them again, asking that they send me another set and I'll take it from there.

I'll keep you posted!


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