Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Sub Adventure #19: 6th and 7th Grade Art in the Bronx

Today's adventure had me doing a little of everything. First, I was proctoring for a student with extended time accommodations. The student had three hours to take the exam, but finished in two. So, I spent most of the morning twiddling my thumbs.

Then, I had two art classes (7th grade, then 6th). The 7th graders were pretty well behaved, but the 6th graders were out of control. They spent the period yelling their little heads off. At the end of the period, I stood by the door and dismissed them by table and only if their table was completely clear of colored pencils and paper.  Lastly, I had a math intervention class with a co-teacher. We spent the first half of the period going over ratios and the second half playing chess. I played against a student, but it's been years since I tried learning how to play chess so I was extremely rusty with the rules. I actually forgot that you could get a piece back if you got to the other side of the board! That could have been useful.

That's all folks.

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