Thursday, October 24, 2013

Wake-up, Wake-up, I Say! (Dealing with Sleepy Students)

Today, I shocked my students by yelling in class. They were looking all droopy-eyed and lackadaisical (previous Word of the Day reference). It was the quiet Period G, 10th grade co-taught class that is right after both my and the students' lunch. I was feeling pretty sleepy myself and I just couldn't take it anymore: the asking of the probing questions and the receiving of the blank stares and silence was driving me batty. So I verbalized my frustration in the only way possible: "Asdhddjdjdbeosjh!!! Guys you're killing me, wake up!" They jumped. Some at least two feet out of their chairs, but my sudden shout woke them up and after some laughter--nervous and slightly frightened from them and amusement from me--we continued our riveting discussion of Jack Finney's Contents of the Dead Man's Pocket.

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