Sunday, April 20, 2014

[Unit/Lessons] Romeo and Juliet by William Shakespeare  

Romeo and Juliet Unit Plan
Performance Tasks Packet for Unit (Four Major Unit Assignments Included)

Lesson 1: Introduction to Romeo and Juliet (Day 3 of Unit Plan)

Students will be asked to listen to clips from the 1996 Romeo and Juliet movie soundtrack, read the prologue, and make predictions about the play.

Lesson Plan
Prologue Text
Soundtrack Lyrics
Student Handout

Lesson 2: Characterization (Act I) (Day 5 of Unit Plan)

Students will characterize major characters using bubble maps.

Lesson Plan
Student Notes Handout
Idea Map Model Handout
Student Task Instructions
Student Exit Ticket

Lesson 3: Psychological Theories of Love  (Day 21 of Unit Plan)

Students will be introduced to well-known psychological theories of love and begin applying them to Romeo and Juliet.

Lesson Plan
Teacher Lecture Notes
Psychological Theories of Love Assignment (Task #1 in Unit Packet)
Rubin Scales of Liking and Loving Questionnaire
Student Notes Handout

Lesson 4: Debate (Day 18 of Unit Plan)

Students are introduced to the art of debate as they argue the question of "Who is most to blame for Romeo and Juliet's untimely deaths?"

Lesson Plan
Introduction to Debate Handout
Student Debate Notes Handout

Lesson 5: Culminating Assignment (Day 25-26 of Unit Plan)

Students are introduced to the unit's culminating assignment, a comparing and contrasting essay.

Lesson Plan
Comparing and Contrasting Essay Rubric
Organizing Comparing and Contrasting Essays Handout
Student Outline Handout

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