Friday, February 21, 2014

Unit/Lesson Plan: Frankenstein by Mary Shelley

I am absolute fan of Mary Shelley's Frankenstein ever since I first read it during the summer after I graduated high school. So, when asked to choose a novel for which to create a unit plan, lesson plan, and culminating project in my English Methods Class, I easily decided on Frankenstein for a 10th grade class.

Here is my entire Frankenstein unit plan, which is a 6 week plan during which students would explore many of the themes of the novel, such as individual responsibility, scientific advancement, relationship between God and Man, and nature versus nurture. 



The Big Ideas for this unit:

  • When we don't take responsibility for our actions, we can impact others, possibly even on a global level.
  • Scientific advancement can help us learn and prolong our lives, but when it clashes with moral issues and compromises our principles and our humanity, it is harmful.
  • This novel can be a seen as metaphor for man's relationship to God, in which case, God is indifferent at best and cruel at worst. 
  • The relationship between nature and nurture is complex and research shows both to be important in determining various aspects of humanity.

The Essential Questions for this unit:

  • What consequences do we face when we don't take responsibility for our actions?
  • How can scientific advancement and exploration be both good and bad?
  • What is the relationship and responsibility between creator and creation? 
  • What is the relationship between nature and nurture? Which is more influential? 

Assessments/Evidence of Learning include:

  • Webquest (Scientific Journal)
  • Screenplay Treatment and Performance
  • Vocab Quizzes
  • Final Thematic Letter
  • Dialogue Journals
  • Book Study Guide Questions (see link below with lesson plan materials)
  • Class Discussions
  • Do Now's
  • Peer Review

The Culminating Task for this unit is the Thematic Letter:

Frankenstein Introduction Lesson Plan:

In addition to the unit plan, we were asked to create a single lesson plan (with accompanying materials) from our unit. I chose to create a lesson plan to introduce students to our unit on Frankenstein. I begin with a Do Now to ascertain students' prior knowledge of the story of Frankenstein. Next, students are shown a slide of images related to the novel. They have 30 seconds for each image to jot down any words that come to mind about the image. After this activity, they share with a partner. Next, students complete an anticipation guide individually and then share with a partner. Lastly, we read "Meet Mary Shelley" and "Introducing the Novel" aloud as a class. The assigned homework asks students to make predictions about the novel using the photo essay, anticipation guide, and readings.

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