Thursday, October 24, 2013

Lesson on Argumentative Writing

As I go through some of the lesson plans I created for past Education courses, I can't help but put a palm to my face.

For the past five weeks I have been teaching persuasive writing to 9th graders at my student teaching placement and I never once thought to look at my past lesson plans! Today, I was randomly going through my computer files and I found this fairly strong lesson plan for teaching argumentative writing. The frustration.

Click the link below to see all files for the lesson, including the formal lesson plan, the PowerPoint, Do Now and Video Analysis Handouts (both regular and modified versions), a formal argumentative writing task with accompanying possible topics and rubric, and student outline/persuasive essay graphic organizer.

I begin the lesson by presenting students with the following Do Now prompt:

Define “Persuasion” and “Argument”. What’s the difference? 
You’re making an argument about being old enough to make your own decisions.
How would your argument change depending on why you’re writing (what decision are you making), and to whom (who needs to allow you to do so)?
Come up with 1 or 2 different scenarios as examples. Prepare to SHARE. (10 minutes)

Next, are these learning objectives:

An argument can be made even more effective when the writer keeps his purpose and audience in mind….

To be even more convincing, he can use persuasive techniques, such as .... 

(Keep the objectives in mind during today’s lesson, you’ll complete the statement at the end of period.)

Then, I give a brief lecture on the parts of an effective argument and some persuasive strategies that are often used, with examples.

Student are asked to view three YouTube videos and to identify the purpose, audience, claim, reasons, persuasive strategies, and the other side, which are to be then shared with a partner.

Finally, class ends with students completing the learning objectives as an exit ticket.

**Files included in Argumentative Writing Lesson:
  • Arguments in Media Lesson Plan
  • Argumentative Writing Lesson PowerPoint
  • Arguments in Media Do Now Handout
  • Arguments in Media Modified Do Not Handout
  • Arguments in Media Video Analysis Handout
  • Arguments in Media Video Analysis Handout Modification
  • Argumentative Writing Task/Assignment
  • Argumentative Essay Rubric
  • Argument Topics

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